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    Great company to purchase. Fast and quality.

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    Loved my Tees. Great quality material and print! Fast shipping.

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I agree they haven’t been at their best in a while Official U2 Members Signatures shirt, but No Line on the Horizon and All that You Can’t Leave Behind both have a few very interesting songs on them. Even How to Dismantle an Atomic BOmb isn’t terrible on that front. The newest album, not so much. Still great songs IMO, but not very interesting. Aside from Bono being a total joke, I just find the music awful. Another poster said something about it being drawn out, and I agree.

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There’s not been a song that has gotten my toe tapping, or a melody that really stuck with me. Its also kind of hard to sing along to Official U2 Members Signatures shirt. I can’t judge too harshly as I’ve never listened to an album, but none of the popular hits has struck me as very good, the music sounds very elevatory to me. I find myself asking the exact opposite question as you…..why do you like them? This turns people off of the band. After Rattle and Hum, they were widely disliked just like now.

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You can also see the reinventions lyrically as well. The albums War and Joshua Tree specifically, we see a focus on global issues that apply to Official U2 Members Signatures shirt. Not personal issues or even just simple issues. See Sunday Bloody Sunday, The Refugee, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for songs like this. This really got to a cringe level with Rattle and Hum with Bono CONSTANTLY talking about apartheid and other social problems.