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Indeed, it’s not perfect, but Evangelion’s dub was Official Neon Genesis Evangelion Shirt, an important achievement in the history of American dubs. It was handled basically “By anime fans, for anime fans”. They made accuracy EXTREMELY important to their translation, going so far as to even translate background chatter and environment dialog, which was unheard of in the 90s. They also went out of their way to translate liner notes from the Japanese recording staff. They get direction from Gainax on how to approach certain language choices. It was really a labor of love and it holds up better than. Almost any American dub of the pre-Toonami anime boom in Amer

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I remember a review back in the day saying something like every character in NGE has a breaking point, have fun trying to guess. They are because of some. It’s going to be subtle, but they all snap like twigs eventually. Official Neon Genesis Evangelion Shirt crazy how even though there’ve been some pretty cool recent anime. Both in terms of stuff that’s come out recently and stuff. That’s just announced, this still manages to be some of the most exciting anime news in recent memory even though it’s a show. I already watched 20 years ago.

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Evangelion was one of the most popular “cerebral” anime series of its time. There were others, but this one was the most successful. It paved the way for other cerebral series due to Official Neon Genesis Evangelion Shirt success. It’s more Gundam Wing than Transformers. The mecha (EVA’s) are a plot point, with the actual mecha battles being a sidenote. Don’t watch it for a mecha action series – watch it for something deep, enigmatic, existential, and dramatic. Then watch it again to try and figure out what the hell just happened.

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