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It felt a bit ‘much’ if I can say that. Though  Official City Girls Sorella Shirt standard these days, no different than any other video out. It was good to see so many dark-skinned women though, however as far as the contents of the video are concerned, I could’ve just watched porn. Well, I do because she is attractive to the white media establishment. No dark skinned black woman who talks the way she does would ever get the amount of shine she gets. I know a lot of you roll your eyes but think about that next time another Sandra Bland happens or when some 12 years old gets punched by a grown white piece of shit at a shopping mall.

City Girls Sorella Shirt, ladies tee, tank top, v neck

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official city girls sorella tank top - Official City Girls Sorella Shirt

tank top

I can’t help but be concerned with how black women are continuously portrayed….especially when the representation of black women is so scarce. Official City Girls Sorella Shirt seems like the aggressively hypersexual Cardis and Nicki’s are pushed to the forefront….always, and honestly, I don’t understand how everyone doesn’t have a problem with that. Understanding how representation works, it can aid in stripping the humanity from said women, in turn making it easier for society to view them as unlady-like and unworthy of respect.

Official City Girls Sorella sweatshirt. hoodie

official city girls sorella sweatshirt - Official City Girls Sorella Shirt


official city girls sorella hoodie - Official City Girls Sorella Shirt


I thoroughly enjoyed the lyrics and the choreography in this video. I hope more music like this is released to send Official City Girls Sorella Shirt a powerful, inspiring and empowering message to young women. It was a callback to the simpler times of the ’90s and early 2000s. The art combined with the message of liberation and fun is one that stands out. City Girls and Cardi B continue to break barriers and be pioneers in their fields. I hope they receive more recognition for their contribution to the music industry and our society.