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Why wasn’t Shoota given a video or anything? It debuted at #46 the Camila Cabello Jumper Drawing shirt Die Lit came out (the only song on the album to chart) and has racked up over 130 million Spotify streams. It still wasn’t released as an official single. Are the dudes at AWGE/Interscope on crack? Cart is weird like that. The cart hasn’t done any of the typical stuff any other artist has done to promote music but still is popular and successful.

Camila Cabello Jumper Drawing shirt, ladies tee, tank top, v neck

camila cabello jumper drawing ladies tee - Camila Cabello Jumper Drawing shirt

ladies tee

camila cabello jumper drawing tank top - Camila Cabello Jumper Drawing shirt

tank top

camila cabello jumper drawing v neck - Camila Cabello Jumper Drawing shirt

v neck

I recall the track was playlisted on Rap Caviar when Die Lit drop so I guess that’s probably a reason why I was an early hit from the Camila Cabello Jumper Drawing shirt. Baton Rouge and that whole area down south get ignored on here even tho they buzzin hard but don’t really expect that type of rap to be popular here, unfortunately, I believe these are only new certifications. Mac has other records that have been certified gold and plat in the past. Just not other ones that have reached a new level in the last 4 months which kinda makes sense.

Official Camila Cabello Jumper Drawing sweatshirt, hoodie

camila cabello jumper drawing hoodie - Camila Cabello Jumper Drawing shirt


I didn’t know that though the wire wasn’t already platinum, it’s a classic song. I’m also glad that Travis now has his first multi-platinum Camila Cabello Jumper Drawing shirt, and Indicud wasn’t already gold, didn’t know that. It’s also interesting to see how older songs barely sold and how much we as a society started consuming more music. Gold Digger by Kanye is known by everyone, everyone knows that song and has danced to it multiple times but yet the song is only 6x platinum which is only double most of the other songs but it’s been out since 2005!

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  1. Mateo (verified owner)

    I loved the shirt and it will be perfect while on a cruise over Halloween.

  2. Kai (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery.

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